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Self-Development and Employment Training. Our training courses will help you get a good job or move forward into exciting new volunteering, training or further education opportunities.  Click here to find a course that’s right for you.

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More than 50% of long-term unemployed find a job or re-enter training following our support!

We are currently delivering our courses by running web seminars through online video-conferencing tools,

We will be running our courses through video conferencing during the lockdown for the foreseeable future. We are also looking at providing an online course alongside our current face-to-face structure in the future. Find out more

Thank you for your understanding.


“Many times, in the past I’ve wondered why I’m here but since the course I don’t have that feeling at all. I have something to live for. I have my business head back again”

“I’ve been depressed for years and that has now lifted. One of the skills I learned on this course is the push-back exercise – and how to stop beating yourself up and move forward. I’ve been good at looking at the outside in for other people but never valued myself enough to do it for me.”


Our training programmes are scientifically proven to achieve long lasting and transformational results!


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