Job title: Youth Choices Facilitator/Coordinator

Reports to: CEO

Hours: 3 days per week (22.5 hours)

Interview: Friday 15th November

Job Purpose: To deliver 5 Choices programmes per year as lead Facilitator and Coordinator working to activity and outcome targets set as part of this Quilter Foundation funded post.

The Lead Facilitator/Trainer supports the delivery of SAFE training programmes that enable people to take charge of their lives, improve wellbeing, relationships and gain meaningful work/ training opportunities.

Main Responsibilities:

• Ensure the effective recruitment, delivery and follow-up of Choices courses
• Lead Facilitator leading a team of volunteers to deliver Choices courses for 16-25-year-old NEET young people across the Solent and SO postcode regions.
• Work alongside office staff, to provide work experience for Quilter staff to support candidates.

Key results areas:

• Ensure 5 Choices courses are delivered and that candidates grow in confidence, motivation, health and employability and as a result take steps in work, learning and changed lives.
• Ensure Volunteer Facilitators are equipped and mentored whilst delivering Choices courses.
• Organise three post-course follow-up days to include relapse prevention, CV workshop days and
• Ensure activity and outcome targets are met through effective delivery of Choices courses
• Liaise and invite in to present at courses, partner agencies to provide volunteer, training and employment opportunities for candidates whilst engaged on the Choices course.

Key Responsibilities and Tasks:


• Carry out pre course interviews and agree Action Plans with candidates
• Liaise with venue providers and book facilities as required
• Recruit volunteers, ensure they are supervised, informed and mentored throughout

Course Facilitation:

• Present the course material, lead workshops, coordinate reflective, paired and small group activities. Adhere to the approved course content using the facilitators handbook
• Create a safe, confidential and engaging learning environment, making content relevant to the group.
• Help to evaluate student’s reaction for continued improvement of course delivery and content. Assess student’s ability to apply their learning. Carry out observations and provide feedback at the end to training lead, addressing any issues.
• Ensure specific learning is carried out for each topic to achieve learning outcomes
• Ensure activity and outcome targets are met.
• Deal with any safe-guarding issues using the policy found in the SAFE facilitators handbook.
• Provide 1-1 coaching, helping candidates relate weekly topics to their own set of circumstances and embed the learning.
• Liaise with partner organisations /care workers on candidate’s behalf
• Ensure ongoing communications with candidates via email, text, social media etc.
• Organise lunch, travel reimbursement, refreshments.
• Ensure the Health & Safety of themselves and others
• Comply with the data protection policy and ensure confidentiality and security of candidate data, including photographs.
• Ensure all paperwork is complete using the correct format


• Organise whole group follow up days – booking venues and inviting candidates and volunteers to attend
• Provide additional individual support to candidates both during and after the course and ensure successful completion of candidate’s action plans – face to face, phone, text and emails.
• Work with Quilter employees to provide support, expertise and information to candidates on the follow-up days.
• Write up end of course reports detailing outputs and outcomes.