What’s it all about?

At Safe New Futures we give you the building blocks you need to succeed. We help you find out what you really want to do with your life, unlock your potential, and become the best version of yourself. With our trainers support you will move forward positively into further education, training or meaningful work opportunities.

We aim to:

  • Help solve the current barriers in your life
  • Help you feel good about yourself and know you are valuable
  • Give you skills to challenge any thoughts holding you back
  • Empower you to take control of your life to achieve your goals
  • Help you discover your skills, strengths and passions
  • Build your communication skills and learn how to relate with others

“The best bit of the course has been meeting new people. I’m more positive now and if I’m stuck, I have a different way of looking at and dealing with things”


“This course was incredible. I'm extremely happy that I’ve attended it. Right now, I feel like a completely different man. I'm motivated, confident and sincerely passionate about what's coming up in the future.”

Our Training Programmes

Over a six-month period, you will take part in:

  • Individual mentoring. You will be assigned an individual mentor who will support you as you work out what you most want to do with your life. They will help you formulate an action plan to implement.
  • A five-week course. The course will run for two days per week for five weeks. Working with a small group of about ten other young people, you will take part in fun games and activities, team challenges, and quiet reflective exercises. There will also be film clips and presentations.
  • Post course follow-on training. You will attend three follow up training days over the remaining four-month period. These days offer further training, providing useful additional strategies to help you maintain your progress.

You can find our latest course dates and contact details here.

During 2017, 85% of the young people we worked with improved in self-esteem as a result of our support; 70% went on to achieve their goals.

To find out more about youth training courses or book a place, please contact our youth trainer Oana on 02380 216010

Schools Course

We love to work with schools and have a programme of support which specifically designed for teenagers aged 13 -16 who may need additional support or be at risk of dropping out of education, training or employment altogether.

Please contact youth@safe.org.uk or phone 02380 216010 if you are interested in putting on a Safe New Futures programme of support at your school.

A week in the life of our school's course

Time Mon Tues Notes
Arrival Students arrive to drinks and breakfast. The course usually begins with a fun icebreaker and recap! As the weeks go on the students really come out of their shell's
Session 1 This is usually a team building challenge that allows students to work with different people One activity is to build a structure from paper that holds an egg
Break Time for another drink and some fresh air!
Session 2 Students are encouraged to work in groups and individually in this session In one session, we build a wall of barriers that we try to overcome
Lunch A trip to Tesco or even the bakery. A lot of options for games or just sit and chat
Session 3 This session is a little more personal. We look at individual motivation Discussion points through film clips, puzzles and games
End of the day 1-to-1 sessions! Here we discuss issues students are facing, catchup and recap