There are times in everyone’s life when you feel that a change is due. Sometimes that need to change can be a personal one, sometimes it can be work focused and sometimes it can be health focused be that looking to recover from or cope with a physical or mental health problem. We may want to change job or if we are younger, we may find we are struggling to engage at school. Through no fault of our own, there are times that we do not feel we have the resources needed and may just get stuck in a rut. That may also be accompanied by loneliness or isolation giving rise to further issues such as anxiety and depression. Even if we have not tipped into these states, many of us will feel a certain level of angst or worry about stepping out into the unknown. This takes confidence, courage, and oodles of self-esteem which we may feel are outside our comfort zone and as such this all confronts our ability to make the changes we want or need to make.

For the last year, facing these daily struggles has become more and more of a reality for a growing number of people. There is talk of a mental health epidemic following in the wake of COVID-19 but in essence many are already facing uncertain futures, are scared to reconnect with society, or feel unable to access the resources they need. Some are floundering about looking for support systems whilst others are sat alone not knowing where to even start looking. 2021 may be a year when there is talk about pandemic recovery but at an individual level, what can we do to aid our own recovery?

A simple answer is to seek out support and work to our strengths but as anyone knows the reality is not as easy as it seems. Wondering where to start looking is only part of the struggle. Often that support comes with a heavy price tag and often there are waiting times which may be a barrier in the shorter term knocking our resilience levels further. Support, however, when it is received, has many advantages. It can buffer against the daily stresses and strains and become a platform to rebuild our sense of self upon. As such social support becomes a means to manage stress but what constitutes social support?

In essence it covers several domains from the dissemination of information, to receiving tangible support, to more companionship support and of course, emotional support. Support can come from many different places and social scientists and psychologists have found that it really does make a difference.

What then would you think if we told you that there was support readily available on your doorstep? Here at Safe New Futures, we have designed programmes that are shown to increase confidence and self-esteem and can even reduce levels of anxiety and depression. They are also specially designed to support people who have mild to moderate mental health issues but specifically are a bolster to anyone who wants to live better whether that be transforming your life, getting a job, re-engaging with school or simply making a change so that your quality of life improves.

And the really good news is that thanks to our generous funders investing in each person’s future, there is no financial burden to anyone. Each programme has been creatively conceived to be delivered on zoom with specialist facilitators who have a proven track record of success. Working in small groups, they allow people to get to know others in a similar position combatting the loneliness of being isolated at home without even leaving the house.


Previous candidates have said:

And the statistics speak for themselves. In the last year, candidates finishing our courses:


So, if you are wanting to make a change why not check out our programmes and see just how they can help. They run over a five-week period on two days per week and our next sessions start the week beginning 7th June with follow up support for a further five months. Referrals and applications are invited from anyone who either wants to apply directly or refer someone who they know would benefit.  Please contact to find out more.