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Transforming futures by overcoming  the past and managing the present. 

Deciding a future that is right for you.  

Our Values

The values of Safe New Futures lead us to see every person as a valuable human being with incredible worth and an ability to contribute to the community in which they live. Therefore, we are very much a people organisation. We exist entirely for the benefit of our candidates and as such we have qualities, characteristics, and shared values which we expect to see in our staff and volunteers when interacting with our candidates. These values are set out below. Please take a moment to read them.


We aim to be genuine, open, and honest, really listening and seeking to understand.

Value and worth

We strive to empower and believe in people, spot their strengths, and see what they can do.

Best interests

We work to put others before ourselves and give genuine care.


We want to bring fairness and show our concern for people facing disadvantage.


We aim to go the extra mile, serve others unconditionally, give people a second chance, and co-operate with partner organisations.

Truth and honesty

We build on integrity and trust and show the evidence for our work.


We strive to be the best we can and give the best to the people we meet.

For people working directly with our candidates, we expect them to:

    1. Genuinely care about people, their life issues and future.
    2. Be open and real with people; being able to share personal and relevant examples from your own life.
    3. Handle health, behavioural and emotional needs appropriately and with acceptance and care. (either individually or with a group).
    4. Facilitate changed thinking and beliefs leading to transformed lives.
    5. Effectively listen with no agenda to understand people’s issues.
Current Vacancies

There are currently no new vacancies. Please keep an eye on our website for any updates.

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