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Our Values

We exist entirely for the benefit of our candidates and as such we have qualities, characteristics and shared values which we expect to see in our staff and volunteers when interacting with our candidates.
Please take a moment to read them.

  • Genuine care

    Genuinely care about people, their life issues and future. Be generous and go the extra mile wherever you can, serving others unconditionally, aiming to be open and honest, truly listen to others and understand their perspective.

  • Honesty and integrity

    Be open and truthful with people, being able to share personal and relevant examples from your own life. Be the best you can be, and give the same back to the people we serve. Contribute to our integrity and trust as a charity, and be able to show evidence for it.

  • Sensitivity and consideration

    Handle health, behavioural and emotional needs appropriately and with acceptance and care (either individually or with a group). Empower and believe in others, spot their skills and strengths and bring them out of the shadows.

  • Contribution to positive change

    Facilitate change thinking and beliefs leading to transformed lives.

  • No judgement

    Effectively listen with no agenda to understand people's issues. Be fair to all individuals, whether they are advantaged or disadvantaged.

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