Deciding a future that’s right for you.

More than 80% of people improve in confidence, self-esteem and motivation as a result of our support.

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Our coaching and mentoring support is delivered in a non-judgemental open environment by high-calibre trainers. Using a mix of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and practical vocational training we will help you to:

  • Get past barriers and sticking points holding you back
  • Build on the self-belief and confidence that you deserve
  • Challenge unhelpful thinking
  • Identify and show you how to best use and develop your unique skills, strengths and passions
  • Decide what you want to do with your life and help motivate you to go after your goals
  • Understand the true power of resilience to turn your life around
  • Better relate to the people around you
  • Take control of your life, flourish and become the best version of yourself!

When you sign up to one of our programmes of support, you can expect to take part in the following over a six-month period:

An action packed five-week course

The course will run for two days per week for five weeks. The sessions will be delivered by our Training Manager. They will be made up of film clips, presentations, whole group and small team challenges (with practical hands on activities), stimulating games, quiet reflective exercises, and one-to-one personal coaching.

Key themes running throughout the course will include:

  • Competence - helping you to understand your strengths, skills and passions and how these can best be used for employment purposes.
  • Autonomy and wellbeing choices - overcoming barriers, taking control and setting goals.
  • Relating to others - in a friendly environment through group work and community involvement.
  • Self-worth - challenging negative beliefs and developing a healthy mind set.

An introductory 1:1 interview

You will have the opportunity to tell an assigned mentor a bit more about yourself and discuss your hopes for the course. They will tell you how courses are run and what you should expect from them. You will discuss ideas about the future like activities, jobs, living situations, and friends. You will also formulate your own action plan for the next six months.

Individual mentoring

You will have an action plan with up to five follow-on actions which you will need to complete after the course.These will be reviewed at post course training sessions and during one:one meet ups with a professionally trained mentor. We may also check in through texting, phone calls, and emails. We will personally help you during this time to create robust job application statements and a strong CV. We will also check you have been able to move on since our last meeting.

Post course follow-on training

Following the initial course, participants will be expected to attend three follow-up training days over the remaining four month period. This will offer computer training along with strategies to help you maintain your CBT progress. There will also be practical support to help with CVs, application forms, mock interviews, and more.

A personal workbook

This is a 120-page booklet for you to complete over the six-month period. The manuals will remind you of the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and of your own personal strategies in overcoming obstacles. It includes self-promotion exercises for employment preparation, together with strength statements and a list of local organisations for support networks.


“The course has been brilliant. My confidence is so much better. I’ve still got issues but I’m feeling more positive about things. I had a big fear of failure and now I don’t feel like that. If I fail, I will just try again.“ 


“Everyone talks about their personal lives and it helps people to bond. When you hear people talking about their problems you feel like you’re not the only one. We can identify with other people because we all have issues of some sort.”