1. The Henry Smith Foundation:
The Henry Smith Charity aims to bring about lasting change to people’s lives, helping them to benefit from and contribute to society. They achieve this by funding organisations that work with people to reduce social and economic disadvantage.


2. Garfield Weston Foundation:

For charities who consistently demonstrate the commitment of volunteers and professionals across the country to support and inspire young people to achieve their potential.


3. Trusthouse Foundation: For charities who address local issues in areas of extreme urban deprivation.

4. Edward Gostling Foundation (Formerly the ACT Foundation:
For Charities who support people living on low incomes who also have a physical/mental disability or long-term illness.

5. Archer Trust:
A Christian Trust supporting organisations working in areas of high unemployment and deprivation which make good use of volunteers.


6. HIWCF: We were awarded two consecutive EU European Social Fund grants to enable us to run eight courses in the community for the those who are economically inactive due to physical/mental disabilities, in order to help them move closer to the workplace.



OTHER PARTNERS INCLUDE:                           

1. Peoples Postcode Lottery sponsored us for two years running in 2017 and 2018, firstly to run a course for over 55s and then for under 25s. PPL featured us in their top three charities for 2017.



2. Ford Southampton Community Fund are sponsoring Safe New Futures to run our current youth course in Southampton (February 2019). This is double their sponsorship of us in 2017 which was also to run a youth course. Their press releases featuring Safe New Futures were published in local newspapers.



3. Santander, in July 2016 provided SAFE with funding to run a course in Eastleigh reaching out to the unemployed. In 2018                    they generously repeated this donation for us to run a course (held in Jan 2019) in Southampton for people wishing to overcome anxiety, depression and low self-esteem from and move forward into work, volunteering or education.

4. Old Mutual Wealth/Quilter plc have asked us to design and run specially designed training courses some 600 young customer services employees in order to help them through a time of transition as they move to a new computer system and resultant changing processes and ways of working. We are currently working on the programmes with a view to running the training modules in July.

  5. The National Community Lottery Fund (Formerly Big Lottery Fund) have awarded Safe New Futures four years grant funding to run training programmes for Adults needing to overcome barriers to enable them to obtain employment, further training or work experience.



6. Radian Group Ltd, a new partner, have asked us to speak at a group meeting they are organising for all the large housing associations in the area. They have also asked us to put forward a funding proposal to run programmes for their clients in Southampton and Portsmouth areas whilst publicising our courses to existing clients.

7.   BPF Energy Ltd kindly tripled their donation to Safe New Futures in December 2018, after the Director in charge of the climate change agreement attended one of the candidate reunions and was so impressed by the valuable work carried out the SAFE team, he wanted to increase their donation as part of BPF’s energy’s commitment to social and environmental change.

   8. ARM – Adaptive Reliable Management, Romsey have provided us with free storage facilities since February 2018 and have kindly    given us a financial donation also.


9. Hares Transport (Andover) gave us greatly reduced rates on a recent office move as they were keen to help a worthwhile local charity.

9. Southampton City Council. Although public and not corporate sector, we have worked closely with SCC over many decades. We have an excellent reputation with them and even when their local grants to charities ceased, they commissioned us as part of their Dynamic Tendering Purchasing system to run twelve bespoke 3-day courses.



Please see quote below from our programme manager at the council:

“SAFE is an effective and trustworthy organisation which has provided employment support services to the hardest to reach communities for many years. Their approach through the Choices course has been academically and externally validated in Southampton and other local areas. I would strongly support this charity. With its motivational and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) based approach SAFE’s Choices programmes provide something different and gives immense support to those people who are furthest from the labour market.”
Kathryn Rankin, Commissioner and City Deal Programme Manager with Southampton City Council.

We also have a very good reputation with other local charities and organisations – see below:

SAFE as an organisation has an excellent reputation and for very good reason – I had the privilege of going along and sitting in on one of their courses before I referred any clients. What I heard and saw was innovative, motivational and inspiring teaching. I was given the opportunity to talk with their Learners afterwards and they all spoke strongly about the change within themselves and the goals they were setting.
Suzanne Wright. Scratch charity. Southampton