Spotlight on Adam – An apprentice’s journey at the Hampshire Business Show

Safe New Futures has always believed in the transformative power of apprenticeships. Apprentices bring fresh perspectives, renewed energy, and a genuine eagerness to learn. One such young talent in our team is Adam, a Business and Marketing Administrator Apprentice. We sat down with him to reflect on his recent experience at the Hampshire Business Show. Here’s what we discovered.

The role and the event

Adam succinctly describes his role at Safe New Futures as one that includes “posting to our social media pages, supporting our funding efforts, and our day-to-day operations in the office.” He recently represented us at the Hampshire Business Show, a significant networking event that sees a vibrant congregation of Hampshire-based businesses, both big and small, local councils, and colleges.

Despite this being his first time at such an event, Adam diligently prepared. “I spent some time looking at the leaflets and flyers that we were bringing to the show so that I could talk confidently about the charity,” he says.

Learning through conversations

The show was an eye-opener for Adam. One conversation, in particular, left a lasting impact on him. He recalls, “I talked to someone about their child’s mental health and the help that we may be able to provide. It was really eye-opening to hear about the need for mental health support in person.” Such interactions have further fueled his passion for the mission of Safe New Futures.

Feedback, reflection, and growth

The event was a testament to the appreciation and recognition that Safe New Futures commands in the community. Adam felt that “Safe New Futures was received well by other attendees. People were interested in hearing how we offer help to people and the difficulties we face doing that.”

But like any first-time experience, there were lessons to be learned. In retrospect, Adam feels that he could have been “more confident” and that he’s now better positioned to talk about the charity’s mission and offerings.

Forward and upward

This maiden venture into networking has significantly boosted Adam’s confidence in his role. “The Hampshire Business Show has given me more confidence in what I do here at Safe New Futures and has shown me the appreciation people have for everyone that works here,” he reflects.

For those stepping into such an experience for the first time, Adam has a word of advice, “Don’t set your expectations too high. When you do something for the first time, it won’t be perfect, and you can use any mistakes you make as fuel to motivate yourself.”

Adam’s journey serves as an inspiration to all young apprentices out there, showing that with dedication, introspection, and the right opportunities, growth is inevitable. We’re proud to have him on our team and look forward to seeing him thrive even more in the future.

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