Supporting your child’s Back-to-School anxiety: A guide for parents

The transition from summer holidays to school or college can stir a variety of emotions in our young people, from excitement to apprehension. As parents, understanding and addressing these feelings can make all the difference.

This guide offers insights and actionable tips to help your child navigate back-to-school anxiety.

1. Open the lines of communication: Encourage your child to express their feelings. A simple chat can provide a clearer picture of their worries.

2. Establish a routine: Reintroduce school routines a week before. This can include setting a regular bedtime and morning routine.

3. Visit the school: If possible, take a short visit to the school or college. Familiarising with the environment can reduce first-day jitters.

4. Discuss positive aspects: Focus on the positive aspects of school – meeting friends, new learnings, and fun activities.

5. Equip them with coping skills: Teach simple relaxation techniques, like deep breathing, to help them calm their nerves.

6. Stay involved: Engage with school or college activities and stay in touch with teachers to monitor your child’s progress.

Every child is unique, and their feelings towards school may vary. As parents, being there, understanding, and offering a helping hand can ease their back-to-school journey.

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