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We are thrilled to welcome Nick Marlow as an internal coach for our staff team.  Nick, an experienced and professional coach, will support our staff team during these turbulent times.

Many of our team are at the frontlines supporting people with mental health issues, from teenagers struggling to engage with school, young people disengaged from training or education or adults unable to work, all made more acute by the current pandemic.

At Safe New Futures, we recognise this and want to ensure that our staff are given the appropriate support to deal with the resultant stresses that are placed on them and also with difficulties they might personally be facing associated with lockdowns and the pressure it might be placing on them.

When recruiting for our team, a person’s character is of primary interest to us – namely, trustworthy, responsible, empathetic, thoughtful, honest,  positive and optimistic and able to face difficult issues in a constructive way. Not to mention calm under pressure, a good listener, reassuring and entirely reliable!  Nick has these attributes, in common with existing team members and is motivated by making a difference, with a passion for people’s well-being and deep desire to see people reach their full potential. Nick’s lived experience in showing resilience and determination in dealing with his own physical injuries also resonates with team members individual experiences which we all draw on in our work.

His past experience combines business coaching and leadership development with both small and larger groups.

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