Deciding a Future that's Right for You

As news breaks today that the UK job market remains subdued and job losses remain higher than the first quarter of 2020 with young people continuing to bear the brunt of the crisis, here at SAFE NEW FUTURES, we are offering free support to any 16-25 year-olds who are looking for employment and who could benefit with some extra employability support. 

The charity itself commenced 30 years ago primarily to support people who were out of work in the Southampton area. However, it quickly became apparent that coupled with the low of being unemployed, people were really struggling with their mental health. Low esteem, low confidence, low self-efficacy coupled with increased anxiety and depression were just some of the burdens felt by this population. As a result, SAFE NEW FUTURES engaged the expertise of the University of Southampton to research the efficacy a new course that addressed these issues as well. Resultantly our courses now use a group cognitive behavioural approach to help transform people’s lives. Since March last year, we have developed engaging and positive courses online responding to the pandemic with a determination to be a welcome arm of support to those who need us at this time. We are expanding to meet the needs of people. 

Mental health is, of course, very much expected to be the next pandemic as people struggle to move on from the challenges of the pandemic. Many studies are already reporting surges in levels of loneliness, anxiety and depression. Coupled with the negative mental health outcomes, the Lancet recently reported on the impact the pandemic has had on people with other health conditions as well. Here at SNF we are able to offer a helping hand. 

Our next round of courses are starting next Monday 26th April and there are places available. Specifically, for the 16-25 year olds highlighted earlier, our youth courses will help these young adults engage with their strengths and develop the resilience they need as well as employability skills to help them go into the job market with fresh eyes and renewed enthusiasm to overcome the struggles they are up against and find fulfilment. 

All courses are free to attend thanks to our generous funders. To find out more, please contact and someone will phone back and make the necessary arrangements for enrolment. The first step though is sending that email and then we are here to help. 

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