Deciding a Future that's Right for You

Why New Futures ?

We can help you solve the current barriers in your life!

We can make you feel good and valuable about yourself.

We can give you skills to challenge thoughts holding you back!

We can empower you to take control of your life to achieve your goals!

We can help you discover your skills, strengths and passions.

We can help build your communication skills and learn how to relate with others.

We can support you to move forward into further education, training, or meaningful work opportunities.

More than 0 %
of people improve in confidence, self-esteem and motivation as a result of our support
“The course has been brilliant. My confidence is so much better. I’ve still got issues but I’m feeling more positive about things. I had a big fear of failure and now I don’t feel like that. If I fail, I will just try again.“
Rachel, 45
“Everyone talks about their personal lives and it helps people to bond. When you hear people talking about their problems you feel like you’re not the only one. We can identify with other people because we all have issues of some sort.”
Jo, 55
0 %
of the young people we worked with during 2017 improved in
self-esteem as a result of our support
0 %
went on to achieve their goals
“The best bit of the course has been meeting new people. I’m more positive now and if I’m stuck, I have a different way of looking at and dealing with things.”
Abbie, 20
“This course was incredible. I'm extremely happy that I’ve attended it. Right now, I feel like a completely different man. I'm motivated, confident and sincerely passionate about what's coming up in the future.”
Nikita, 22
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