Deciding a Future that's Right for You

Deciding a future that's right for you

Research shows that those who are unemployed are more likely to suffer from poor mental health than those who are employed.

But what if we could change this?

Our courses adopt a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy-based approach combined with vocational training to help individuals identify and overcome barriers preventing them from accessing employment and/or training.

After finishing our courses:

0 %
(at least) move into employment as a result of our support despite the pandemic
0 %
of people improved in self-esteem
0 %
of people improved in their self-motivation
0 %
of people became less depressed

Statistics taken from all June-October 2021 courses.

I’ve been depressed for years and that has now lifted. One of the skills I learned on this course is the push-back exercise – and how to stop beating yourself up and move forward.

Stanley, 55

I only get 5 hours sleep a night, sometimes less, and I’ve noticed how much more I can get done in a day since I’ve been on the course, and I don’t want that to change back! I feel my confidence is growing and now want to improve my health & fitness.

Ben, 14

The course has been better than I could have dreamt it to be, it has given me so much to think about. I feel ready to take on the world now. I am enjoying the course; it has been really valuable.

Catherine, 63

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