What’s is a typical day like on a SAFE course?

candidates enjoying a much deserved break!

Doors open/Drinks available
Session 1: Beyond the wall
• Mind puzzles/illusions - looking at things differently.
• Group discussions & Individual tasks.
Session 2: Building Together
• Small group: timed team challenge to build a Lego model. Team is split into builders (who must stay in room and can build the model) and communicators (who can leave room to look at instruction sheet outside room but can not touch Lego and must tell the builder what to do).
• Reflection on how each person worked within their team.
Session 3: Strengths
• Individual: score yourself on what you like and dislike; highlight any areas you like the sound of that match your strengths
• Group: discussion on how to use your strengths when planning for future
Individual: one to one with facilitator to set targets for week ahead
Each day has a mixture of whole group, small group and individual activities. These might include:
• team-building tasks such as building a LEGO model
• small group discussions following a video clip
• individual questionnaires to discover different strengths
• whole group thought showers to tackle a problem.
And each week, every candidate has the opportunity to sit down with a facilitator for an individual coaching session to talk more specifically about their personal progress.
On a practical note, we aim to remove any financial barrier that would stop a candidate participating in a course