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Established 30 years ago, Safe New Futures is a well-being intervention offering bespoke programmes that combine a cognitive behavioural therapy-based approach with vocational training to help individuals identify and overcome any barriers that may be preventing them from obtaining employment or engaging with their education.

Since then our New Futures programmes have gone on to help thousands of people take control of their lives and decide a future that is right for them.

Our programmes have even been scientifically tested by a team of psychologists at the University of Southampton who found the programme to have significant, long-lasting, and transformational results.

"Safe is an effective and trustworthy organisation which has provided employment support services to the hardest-to-reach communities for years. Their approach in the New Futures course has been academically and externally validated and they have run the service for Southampton and other local areas. I would strongly support this charity with its motivational and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy-based) approach. Safe's New Futures programmes give something different and provide immense support to people furthest from the labour market."

Kathryn Rankin, Commisioner and City Deal Programme Manager with Southampton City Council

Watch below, as our CEO, Nina Kelly, reflects on a recent success story and how our course has encouraged significant positive change in one of our previous candidates.

"The strengths quiz helped, realising how many skills that I had. It helped me to consider my changes. The session on long-term goals and short-term goals helped me to be more secure with what I want to do in the future. I want to get a part-time job and start an English course - and afterwards find a full-time job in retail."
Mihaiela, 54
"The barriers I had were to do with interviews and thinking - what if I don't have what they want? Now all those barriers have pretty much gone away."
Paul, 42
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